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Welcome to Florida Pawn Loans. Our pawnshop is unlike any other pawn shop in Fort Lauderdale, FL or the Miami, FL area. We have more than 20 years of experience in the short term lending industry and our family owned pawn shop caters to the high end pawn sector of our industry. Submit your application online, whether you looking for jewelry loans or want to pawn a car, a boat, or jewelry.
We offer collateral loans on automobiles, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, and jewelry. We will evaluate your car, boat, or jewelry and provide top rates for your motorcycle pawn, auto pawn, jewelry pawn, boat pawn, motorhome pawn, or equipment pawn. Loans are available beginning at $100 and we have no maximum limit for collateral loans throughout the Fort Lauderdale, FL and Miami, FL areas.
Our auto pawn loans, motorcycle loans, and other collateral loans are completely confidential and we treat our customers with discreet professional service throughout the entire process. We respect your privacy and you can complete the application process for boat loans, auto pawn loans, and jewelry loans directly through our website.
Please browse our website to read more about our collateral loans and submit your application online today to receive cash fast from the company offering the highest bids and most flexible terms in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Miami, FL. If you have questions, need assistance, or additional information about our auto pawn loans, boat loans, please contact our pawn shop today at 954-380-7296.

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