Florida Pawn Loans provides auto pawn loans in Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami and all surrounding areas.  You will be greeted by our professional and courteous staff that can assist you with all of your financial needs. The loan application and approval process is very simple and only takes 15 minutes. If you would like to start the pre-approval process you can simply click “loan application”   then fill out the form and a loan specialist will contact you immediately. For more information you can also reach out to our team directly at (954)-380-7296 who can assist you and answer any questions you have to get started with the approval process.

If you reside in South Florida and have a clear title then let us help.  We will not be beat out by any competitor in the Auto Pawn business.  We have our own indoor storage facility where your vehicle will remain until your loan is paid in full. Getting cash has never been easier with Florida Pawn Loans.  We let you submit your paperwork via text or email and then process the loan papers prior to your arrival.

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No need to  sell your car let FloridaPawn Loans hold on to it for a short period of time, get the cash you need, then you can retain your property after it is paid. Floridians are turning to us for their short-term financial needs because we simply provide the lowest rates for a cash advance. If you need quick cash and need it fast turn to Florida Pawn Loans and we will get started immediately.

We give the most cash at the lowest interest rates in the south florida metropolitan area.  Using your automobile for a collateral loan is a big decision and you should feel comfortable with who you choose.  We are not your typical pawnshop so no need to worry about being seen by thousands of your neighbors driving by.  We are located in a business district not a retail outlet this way it is very confidential and secure for you.  We  take great pride in securing your vehicle by placing it our  safe and secure location for the duration of your loan. Once you have finished making your payments you will be given back the keys to your car, as well as the title and registration. It is that easy!

 Let us help you, with over 20 years in the short term lending industry, get you the best rates in south Florida.

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